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Got a question about Dream Team? Below are some commonly questions. We hope they help.

Common questions relating to our Tipping games and how to contact us etc, can be found below.

Earning points

Q. How do I earn game points?

A. Use the navigation at the top of this page to select "Picks" and then make your picks. For each game choose the team you think will win and the margin you think they will win by. If you get the right team you will usually earn 5 points, if you get the right team and margin, you earn usually 8 points (you get no points for the correct margin and the wrong team). The points allocated can vary depending on the game.

Q. How do I pick a draw and how many points do I get?

A. A draw can only be chosen for some games. Simply choose the draw option for the match on the Picks Page. If you correctly pick a draw you get 16 points in ITM Cup Rugby, Heartland Championship, the Rugby Championship, Netball (from 2016) and Super Rugby, 10 in English Premier League football and 32 in NRL. In our basketball games, a draw is not allowed.

Q. How do I know my score?

A. We will calculate your new rank and points total after the last match each round and email you your new game points and rank on the first working day after the completion of the round (if you have subscribed to receive these emails).

Making picks

Q. What is meant by "Margin"?

A. Margin is the difference in points between the winning team's score and the losing team's score. If the Blues score 18 points and the Highlanders beat them with a score of 22 points, then the margin is 4 points. The margin choices for most Tipping games are 12 points or less, 13 points or more and 0 (a draw).

Q. Can I change my picks?

A. Yes. You can change your picks as many times as you like during the week up until the start of each game. Make sure that each time you update your picks you click the "Save My Picks" button.

Q. What happens if I'm entering my picks at exactly the moment the game kicks off?

A. You must press the "Save My Picks" button for your picks before the listed start time of each match for your entry to be valid.

Q. What happens if I miss making my picks for a week?

A. Once you are registered, we'll automatically make your picks for you a number of times per season, depending on the length of the competition. Thereafter, you're on your own, and you'll need to get back on the horse to keep the points flowing.

Check the "How to play" page within each game to view the details for each game's default picks.

Q. Can I make picks in advance?

A. You can make your picks up to two rounds in advance of the current round. Go to the 'Make your picks' page and select the next round from the Round scroller just above the first game of the round. Simply click on the round number you wish to make your picks for, pop your picks in and hit 'Save my picks'

If you’re headed overseas, remember it only takes a few minutes to drop into an Internet cafe and make your picks there. Alternatively, if you get really stuck, send us an email and we will do it for you.

Q. What are the player pick statistics for?

To help you make your picks, we publish the percentage of players who have chosen each margin. Feel free to use them to guide your picks, or ignore them entirely.

Q. Can I make random picks?

Make random picks by clicking on the 'Give me random picks' button on the 'Make your picks' page. Be sure to click 'Save my picks' before you leave the page.

Q. My score and picks are wrong

A. We're very confident in our picks page and the way it records the picks you made.

Remember that the ticks and crosses indicate what you chose, whilst the coloured boxes show the actual scores.

When you make your picks, you need to be absolutely certain you've pressed the 'Save my picks' button at the bottom of the page. It's this button that records the picks that you've made. After you click this button you will be taken to the picks confirmation page. When you have seen this page you can be confidant your picks are recorded.

We also have some 'proof' systems in place - like emailing your picks or printing them. These are good to use so you can follow the games through the weekend, knowing what you've picked, so we strongly encourage you to use them.

If you're absolutely sure you submitted picks other than what appears now on the scoreboard, and if you even have proof, we recommend you change your password. Someone may know your login details and has used them against you. We also recommend using the 'log out' button after using the site - this can reduce the chances that someone can sabotage your picks.

If you are having trouble with your picks we recommend the following.

  • Always make certain you click the SAVE YOUR PICKS button.
  • Wait to see the PICKS CONFIRMATION page.
  • Email your picks to yourself (check your player name is at the top of the page).
  • Email your picks to a mate.
  • Print your picks (check your player name is at the top of the page).
  • Go to the Mates Page and ensure there is a Y beside your name in the Made Picks column.
  • Log out of the site, log in again and click on the Make Picks page. You will then see your picks recorded on this page.

Things to look out for...

Are you logged in as someone else's playername?
If you share your computer with someone else, either in your family or at your workplace, then make sure you are not logged into their account when you are making picks.

To check you are making picks on your account make sure your Player name appears in the extreme top right of your screen. If you see another persons name in the header click the LOGOUT link at the top right of the screen and sign in again as your Player name again.

Are you logged in as another playername?
If more than one household member or workplace staff member plays Dream Team then you have to be especially careful to make sure you are making picks on the correct player account.

To check you are making picks on your account make sure your Player name appears in the extreme top right of your screen. If you see another persons name in the header click the LOGOUT link at the top right of the screen and sign in again as your Player name again.

Is someone playing a prank on you?
Let's face it, things can get tough in the office tipping competition. We have seen players have all their picks changed to draws minutes after submitting their real picks. We can only assume this was being done by a mischievous work mate.

To stop this happening always hit the LOGOUT link at the top right of the page after you have finished with your picks.

Is your password easy to guess?
It pays to have a secure password - if your password is the same as your username then it is a matter of time before someone tampers with your picks. If this is you, change your password now.

Q. Can I join the competition after the season has started?

A. Yes. You can start playing at any time during the season.

Q. If I registered late, can I get starting points for the rounds I missed?

A. No, we do not award points to late-comers in the game. While we understand it can be frustrating to start "behind everyone", we don't give anyone a points boost at any time in the season. You can still be in to win weekly prizes though.

Q. I'm sharing a computer with someone and every time I try to log in, it logs me in to their account. What can I do?

A. Please try these steps and let us know if there is still an issue.

1.    Open up

2.    Ensure it says Log in at the top and not someone’s player name. If it does have a player name there, Log off.

3.    Within your internet browser, along the top, you will see some options such as File, Edit, View, History, Tools etc.

4.    Click on Tools and then “Clear recent history” or “Clear browsing history”.

5.    Ensure the Cookies option is ticked and hit delete.

6.    Close your internet browser

7.    Open the internet back up, and try to log in at with the player name and password for the account you wish to access.


Q. How do I accept a mate?

A. Under each of the games in the top navigation you will see a dropdown menu. Click on Mates, Manage Mates and then Requests to Review. You'll then be able to accept or decline the mate request.

Q. How can I see my mates points?

A. On the Mates page you will see all of your Mates listed by their points total.

Q. How do I search for Mates?

Search for mates by clicking on the "Find Friends" button on the Mates page. Click "Find Friends", enter your friends details and click "Search", then click on your friends profile image to send them a mate request. Once they accept your request they will appear on your mates list.

Q. How do I send a message to my mate

Send a message to your mates by clicking on the envelope button beside their name on your mates list.

Q. I've added my mate, why can't I see them yet?

A. It may be that your friend has not accepted the request. Get in touch to remind them. Alternatively, it may be that they are your mate but haven't signed up to play that particular game (eg. Super Rugby Tipping) yet. They will appear once they have signed up. Nothing like a friendly email to remind them though!

Q. How can I invite my mates to play?

A. Use the “Pass it on ” page or tab to invite your mates, or tell them to register with us.

Q. Can I see my mates from other Tipping games?

A. Yes! We keep one mates list for you and share it across all Tipping games. You don't have to add your mates to each competition.

Q. Why are my mates in the Pass It On tab?

A. If a player is listed in the Pass It On tab of your mates page then they have not signed up for this season yet. Use the Pass It On tab to give them a hurry up.

Q. How can I delete someone from my list? / How can I delete myself from someone else's list?

A. Mates are mutual, so if you delete someone from your list, you’ll be gone from their list too. If they delete you, they’ll disappear from your list.

Q. What can my mates see about me?

A. Your mates can see your first and last name, picks for every round, your rank, score and performance, your high-score and whether or not you have made picks for the current round. They cannot see your email address, postal address or other contact information. They can send you a message through our messaging system too.

Groups questions

Q. What is a Group and how do Groups work?

A. Groups provide a way for people to track their scores against their mates. Create a Group and invite your work mates and friends to compete with you and everyone else who joins your Group over the season.

There are a number of benefits associated with creating a Group rather than using an extended mates list. Each Group member can see the scores of all the other Group members without having to individually add each player to their mates list.

Creating a Group is the most effective way to organise your office pool or sweepstake. Groups let you run your own private mini-competition within Dream Team Tipping games.

Q. How do I create a Group?

A. Anyone can create a Group, just follow these simple steps.
1. Register to play or log in
2. Under the game you want to play, cllick on the "Groups" link in the navigation bar and click on "Start a Group"
3. Select a Group name and status. Write a short description of the group. Next, add tags to make it easier for people to find your group (optional). When you are finished, scroll down and click on "Create Group"

Q. How do I join a Group?

A. Joining a Group is easy, just follow these simple steps.
1. Register to play or log in
2. Within the game you are playing, eg. Super Rugby, click on the "Group" link in the navigation bar
3. Click on "Find Groups".
4. Search for the Group name: e.g. “Mikes Challenge” then click "Search"
It is up to each Group administrator to decide the prize for the winning Group member at the end of the season!

Q. What details will be displayed if I join a group?

A. Only your playername will be visible to the other players who join this group.

Q. After joining a Group can I remove myself from the Group later?

A. You can remove yourself from any group at any time.


Q. Why aren't my group members on the group leaderboards?

A. If a group member was added during the current round, they will appear once we roll over the scores for the next round. Another reason they may not appear is if they are not playing a particular game.


Pass it on questions

Q. What is the Pass It On page?

A. The Pass it On page lets you invite your friends to play the game with you. Just type in their details and we will send them instructions on how to register.

Q. What will you do with the details I provide on the Pass it on page?

In accordance with our privacy policy, the information you provide will only be used to invite your mates to play Dream Team games.


Q. What is the Group Leaderboard?

A. Each week we will display the average points of the top 50 players from each group.

If you click on a group name you can view the top 50 players from the group. Outside of bragging rights, there are no prizes for player who finishes at the top of a group leaderboard.

Q. Where can I see the total leaderboards for the whole competition?

A. Under each of the games (eg. Super Rugby, NRL etc) in the top navigation, use the drop down list and you will see Leaderboards.

Use the tabs within the page to view the overall, round by round, monthly, group and team supported leaderboards.


Technical questions

Q. Can more than one person use the same email address?

A. No. New users must sign up with a unique email address - one registration per email address. If you have an existing registration that shares an email address with someone else, you can sign in and change the email address we have recorded for you.

If you only have one email address for your household, an easy way around this is to set up a new email address for free at Gmail, use the new gmail account to register a new address, and forward that email to your usual account. Here's how:

1. Create a new email address at Gmail following the instructions provided.
2. Log in to your new Gmail account and in the top right you will see a cog icon.
3. Click on the cog icon and then on Forwarding and POP/IMAP
4. Click on the 'Add a forwarding address' button, enter your usual address (ie. the one you use most often) and hit save.
5. Confirm your email address and all should work fine.

Q. I'm sharing a computer with someone else and one of us can't make our picks. What do we do?

A. Please try these steps and let us know if there is still an issue.

1.    Ensure it says Log in at the top and not someone’s player name. If it does have a player name there, Log off.

2.    Within your internet browser, along the top, you will see some options such as File, Edit, View, History, Tools etc.

3.    Click on Tools and then “Clear recent history” or “Clear browsing history”.

4.    Ensure the Cookies option is ticked and hit delete.

5.    Close your internet browser

6.    Open the internet back up, and try to log in  with the player name and password for the account you wish to access.


Q. Can I register in the game more than once?

A. No. Each person is only allowed one account on the Dream Team website.

Q. I forgot my password

A. We've set up a special page to help remind players of their login details. From here, enter your email address or player name and we'll send you a link to change your password. If you have problems, just contact us here.

Q. Why can’t I login into the site?

A. There are a few factors that may be preventing you from logging in.

Are you sure of your player name and password? If not we can email a new one to you - just drop us a note here.

Your browser configuration may be preventing you from logging in or opening pop up windows. If you’re using Internet Explorer, drop down the Tools menu, select Internet Options, go to the Privacy tab and set the level to medium. Apply the changes, close the browser and open it again (this ensures the changes take effect). Try the site again after you’ve done this. Medium privacy is a safe level for normal Internet browsing, and it allows our site to recognise your browser correctly.

Another issue that may be preventing your access could be a third party application that adds certain features to your browser. This could be a popup blocker, advertising protector, or some other plug-in. If applicable, try disabling any such software while logging in.

If these options do not work for you and you’re willing to try another browser, try Firefox from

Q. How can I change my details?

A. You can change most of your details by visiting the Account settings page. You can alter your password, and any other information you provided at registration on this page.

We however, may need to help you if you want to update your playername. Just contact us here and be sure to include your current player name and email address.

Be sure to log in before you edit your details.

Privacy questions

Q. What will Dream Team do with my email address?

A. We will use it to send you updates on your progress during our games. We may also use your email address in the future to communicate special offers from Dream Team and NZ Herald as well as information about other Dream Team online games. You may choose not to receive communications from us via email - simply follow the instructions to unsubscribe that are found in every email we send or follow the instructions below:

1. Log in and go to Account Settings
2. Click on the Communications Preferences tab
3. Untick whichever emails you DO NOT wish to receive from us and hit save.

We will not pass on your email to third parties.

Contact us

Q. How can I contact you?

A. You can email us any time by replying to our emails, or by emailing us here.

Advertising with us

Q. How do I find out about advertising on Dream Team?

A. You can find some information here, or just email us here.

Dream Team Community

Q. What's the Community?

Your player name, mates list and groups are stored in what we call the Community. The Dream Team Community lets you share the same mates and groups across other Tipping games and across seasons.

If you have a query that the Terms and Conditions and the FAQs have not answered, please email us here.



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